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An Introduction by Lynn Parnell, BSc (Hons), ARCS

Lynn has 30 years experience in technical and operational roles within logistics management

I founded Logistics Partners to help customers get the most out of Logistics software and technology. From the start I have been supported by a great team of highly skilled Associate Consultants. Kieron, my husband has been supporting the business since 2003 and joined the business full-time in 2019. For the last 20 years we have been assisting retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, charities and logistics providers to maximise the return on investment in supply chain systems and Logistics technology. We have a track record of ensuring that supply chain systems are implemented and operated in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Logistics Partners have real “hands-on” experience of implementing and operating various market leading supply chain systems including Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Transport Management Systems (TMS), Forecasting, Purchasing, Sales Order Processing (SOP) and ePos.

Logistics Partners can also guide you through the increasing choices of logistics technology including Drones, RF, Voice, barcode scanning, telematics, Cloud solutions and SAAS solutions to make sure your choice improves your current operation and gives a real Return on Investment (ROI).

Logistics Partners are on hand to help when...

  • You are unsure if you need to improve or replace your existing supply chain systems
  • You use a sophisticated WMS or TMS but have never achieved the ROI promised or the supply chain integration you hoped for.
  • You have had to devise warehouse procedures to make up for inadequacies in your WMS and TMS.
  • Your staff key a lot of data into supply chain systems but you are still relying on manual data collection or spreadsheets for management reporting.
  • You want to find out what new logistics technology is the best and most efficient choice for your operation.
  • You are about to implement new supply chain systems or logistics technology, but don't have the project management or supply chain integration experience you need in-house.
  • Your business is changing and you are unsure if your existing supply chain systems will cope or if new logistics technology will be required

If you are responsible for warehousing or transport operations and one or more of the above points sounds like you, Logistics Partners can help. Click here to email us.

We offer:

We will work with everyone in your business from warehouse and transport operatives to board level to ensure your supply chain systems and logistics technology are delivering real benefit to your business and moving you towards seamless supply chain integration.

I look forward to hearing from you.

+44 (0) 7771 623 929

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